Sell An Apartment Building or Multi-Family Property in Gilbert, Arizona!

We work with tired landlords, local investors, and homeowners to help them find solutions to their underperforming investments!

You don’t have to spend months waiting to find a buyer for your property in Gilbert, Arizona. We are a local husband and wife investment team who is passionate about multi-family properties! We fell into real estate investment almost by accident when we purchased a rental property in the late ’90s. In 2005 we purchased our first Tucson property and the rest is history. We take a different approach to helping property owners. We want to learn about your goals then work with you to find ways to help you reach them. If you feel burdened or are struggling with a difficult rental property, we would love to help!

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Before you find yourself locked into a listing agreement, find out what our team can do for you! You might be surprised at how simple finding a solution can be. You’ll wonder why you hadn’t called us sooner! (520) 270-5267 

We Provide the Easiest Way To Sell A Multi-Family Property In Gilbert, Arizona!

As an investor in Gilbert, Arizona, you know that selling multi-family properties is a bit different than a traditional home sale. We know how to make the process run efficiently and as smoothly as possible. Together, we will navigate the process so you can finally get a handle on your unwanted investment property in Gilbert, Arizona!

Getting an offer is simple. We’ll run the numbers to evaluate the condition, rental income, potential rental income, and vacancy rate. We’ll look at comps in the area and make sure what you are asking in rent lines up with the property value. After we have analyzed the property, we will provide you with a no-hassle, no-obligation offer. We’re not here to give you the runaround or waste your time with a bad offer. We want to work with you to help you find the best solution for your investment property in Gilbert or the surrounding areas. If you decide to sell, you will experience a seamless transition, quickly receiving your profits without any hoops to jump through.

Nowhere Does It Say That You Have To Hold On To Your Unwanted Property Forever!

Is your investment property performing the way it should be? We are multi-family property buyers who work with landlords dealing with burdensome rental properties. Not only do we buy multi-family properties in Gilbert, Arizona, but we buy apartment buildings too! If your investment property is no longer performing the way you want it to or if you are tired of dealing with all the repairs and tenant issues, we are here to help! Give us a call today to find out what we can do for you! (520) 270-5267

Consider All of The Benefits You’ll Recieve By Selling Your Multi-Family Property To 24/7 Investments!
Multi-Family Property in Gilbert
We are buying multi-family properties and apartment complexes in Gilbert! Call today to sell yours! (520) 270-5267
  • The money you receive won’t have to be spent on agent commissions
  • There is no need to fix up the property before selling it
  • You won’t have to wait around for a buyer while still being responsible for the property
  • We won’t ask you to spend money making any repairs, we buy as-is
  • You won’t have to worry about red-tape and hang-ups from the banks
  • We can even help you find ways to defer your capital gains tax if you’re selling for a large profit

Selling your multi-family rental property in Gilbert, Arizona can be an easy process. If the property is no longer working for you, don’t hold on to it any longer than you have to. Send us a message using the form on the right or give us a call! (520) 270-5267

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247 Investments is a team of apartment building and multi-family property buyers! We thrive on adding value to the buildings we purchase as well as the local communities we work in. Do you own a run-down rental? Are you tired of dealing with bad tenants or chasing down your rent each month? Not all investment properties are worth it! If your multi-family property in Gilbert, Arizona isn’t performing as well as you need it to, send us a message or give us a call, we’re happy to help! (520) 270-5267