Get An Offer For Your Multi-Family Property!

Avoid the uncertainty of selling your property with an agent!

24/7 Investments is a team of multi-family property investors who are purchasing throughout the Tucson area. We’re interested in all kinds of investment properties including duplexes, triplexes, quads, and even apartment buildings! Whether you need to sell one property or an entire portfolio, we are here to help! We’re ready to make you an offer right away, helping you avoid the hassles, costs, and uncertainty of a traditional sale.

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For many investment property owners, being able to sell without the hassles and costs of agents, marketing, and waiting can be a dream come true. Maybe you have found another investment and can’t wait around for a buyer any longer than you have to. Or maybe you don’t want to sink thousands into a property you eventually wish to sell. No matter your reason for wanting to sell your Tucson investment property, we have a solution that will help! Call now to learn more about what we can do for you! (520) 270-5267 

An Efficient And Stress-free Way To Sell A Multi-Family Property!

As investors ourselves, we know what selling a multi-family property can be like. There are fewer people out there considering the purchase of a multi-family property, and reaching them can be a challenge. At 24/7 Investments, we can help you navigate the process, selling quickly and without any stress.

Here are some of the steps to our acquisition process:

  • We’ll take a good look at the repairs needed, the vacancy rate, rental income, and maintenance costs
  • We’ll ask to view the property and will never disrupt your tenants
  • We’ll evaluate income potential once the repairs have been completed
  • We’ll review our numbers and make you a no-obligation offer

From start to finish, we believe in being open and honest in all we do.

We’re Buying Single-Family Properties, Multi-Family Properties, and Even Large Apartment Complexes!

Multi-Family Property in Chandler
We are buying multi-family properties and apartment complexes in Tucson! Call today to sell yours! (520) 270-5267

With a direct sale to 24/7 Investments, you’ll be able to avoid commissions, agent fees, and repair costs.

  • You’ll be able to hold onto the thousands of dollars you would have paid in commission costs
  • There are no more repairs and maintenance costs
  • You won’t have to turn into a collections agent on the first of each month
  • We can even help you with ways to defer any capital gains taxes you would typically be faced with!

Learn more about how we can help you with your Tucson area multi-family property! (520) 270-5267

We’re Apartment Building Buyers Too!

Not only do we buy multi-family properties, but we also buy large apartment buildings too! All you have to do is provide us with the property basics as well as your current occupancy rate. From there, we will get started on our research and offer making process! We make selling your duplex, triplex, quad or apartment building simple and transparent.  Get in touch with us today! (520) 270-5267